Encino Man :) I loved Pauly Shore!

Encino Man, One of my most favorite movies.

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Encino Man
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The trailer to 1992's "Encino Man" starring Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and Pauly Shore.
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Weeeezin' the juice! Encino man ♥

Encino Man

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  • Judging by the fadeout, Disney seems to think it has a new franchise in Shore, the rubber-faced son of comedian Sammy Shore and comedy club owner Mitzi Shore who stars on an allegedly popular MTV cable show. Not only is he featured here; according to ENCINO MAN's presskit, he has been signed to a

    I can’t wait to see what kind of story that Encino Man 2 created to make the fan come and pay the movie ticket. I hope that the three lead actor will again play the role. Will the story focus on the son of Encino Man or will they discover another man trap in iced.

  • Encino man 2? I for one been waiting for the sequel since the ending of the movie when pauly said I’ll be ba’ack….and never did!
    I’d like to see it but what would be the storyline frozen dog, baby it was based Brandon Fraser character not pauly shore. All I’m saying is they would be better off remaking it. then do what they should of done than make the sequel. But the culture is different now if they are gonna do it hope it’s done right.

    An amusing idea goes nowhere in ENCINO MAN, the Disney debut from the producers behind the acclaimed documentary HEARTS OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER'S APOCALYPSE.

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    I Mean that literally!

    I was going through a rough time in my life, and Encino Man was the only thing that could make me laugh!

    Brendan Fraser was terrific, and I even learned how to like Pauly Shore after this movie...who up to this point I couldn't stand!

    I saw it 8 (yes, that's EIGHT) times at the theatre in a four week period when it was out, and have watched it dozens of times since on video. Despite it's absurd premise, the movie worked for me, in the relationships that developed between Link, Dave, and Stoney, and the little family the three of them made.

    It's goofy, it's at times stupid..and it's all around FUNNY! Just one of those little movies that if you will allow yourself to put reality on hold for 90 minutes, it can and will charm the socks off of you.

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The actor confirmed that he’s been “talking about it” to his agent, and called on fans to help make it happen. Hit the jump for more on the Pauly Shore Encino Man 2 statements.