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Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula - 32.2 oz Powder Refill Box

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  • I just switched my 2 month old to enfamil AR. He was previously on enfamil gentlease but he was excessively spitting up. Since I have switched it he has stopped spitting up as much but now he is so fussy he is always crying and always wants to be held. When I had him on gentlease he was NEVER fussy he was such a good baby. He isnt constipated or anything. Has this happened to any of your lo? I dont know what to do I dont really want to switch him back because his spitting up has stopped. Any advice would help . TIA :)

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  • We had many issues when it came to formula with my son. We tried them all. In the hospital, we had a 70 day NICU stay, they used similac and it worked fine, but when we came home we changed to enfamil ar. I have no complaints. My son gained weight, kept it down, and was not constipated, which was our issue with similac. Love love love this formula!

    My son was started on Similac for Spit Up in the hospital. I noticed by the time he was 2 weeks old he was always have runny poops, and because of it always had a rash of some sort. I decided to switch him to Enfamil AR and what a difference it has made! He has normal bowel movements now and is also able to keep all his food down. My only complaint is that it really helps with feeding if you prepare the bottle about 20 minutes prior to feeding. Otherwise the rice in the formula does dissolve well and clogs the nipple.

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    We were switched to Enfamil AR when our daughter had trouble with reflux. It really helped a lot with the reflux, and she thrived on it. She met or exceeded her milestones, and grew really well. She still had a little spitting up, but not like on regular formula. We tried regular formula and my daughter was constantly spitting up I had had enough of that and called her Dr. to see if there was anything we could do and they changed her formula to A.R. and gave me 2 free sample cans. My daughter still has a problem with spitting up and had to be put on medicine. We are using Wic and I was glad to find out that, Wic would supply a special formula such as Enfamil AR. Enfamil has a program that you can sign up for and they send you really good coupons, for quite a while. We will use the formula again for our future babies.

    Ease of Preparation
    Just as easy as the other brands. No special mixing involved. Love it.

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