The EVDO USB Modem and a PowerBook 12":

EVDO USB Modem - EVDO USB Modem (Re

Intellinet, Wireless 150N 3G Portable Router with Integrated USB 2.0 port for UMTS/HSDPA and EVDO 3G modems, with Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 524803

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  • The EVDO USB Modem is designed to offer Internet access via EVDO network at maximum download speed of 3.1Mbps and upload speed of 1.8Mbps. And it can work on CDMA 2000 1xRTT and CDMA 2000 1x EVDO (Rev...

    Portable 3G Wireless Router MiFi HX-G668A Mini Gateway ADSL support TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EVDO USB Modem compatible with Linux Mac os Mobile Broadband Gateway with 3G/3.75G Network &...

  • ZTE AC2726 EVDO USB MODEMOriginal ZTE brand new EVDO USB modem, 800 mHz,Rev. A with down-link rate upto 3.1mbps,English driver & client UI,Free network settings as: Phone, User, Password, et...

    Designed for notebook or PC users, ADU-E100D CDMA EVDO USB modem enables wireless Internet access and provides for download speeds up to 2 Mbps. Broadband modem has no external antenna to avoid breakage concerns, while standalone rechargeable battery cradle eliminates notebook/PC battery drainage.

    Name: 3G EVDO USB Modem
    Type: TJ-E301
    Category: EVDO Modem
    The product is the Internet equipments that aims at wireless high-speed data business of China Unicom EVDO CDMA network. You can insert opened UIM card of EVDO CDMA service to equipments, with take to have USB to connect an notebook, set type a computer connect with each other, carry out a high speed wireless to get to the Internet, the data delivers function ect.
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  • Product Description
    MCT 818 is a super portable wireless 3G Router, which developed by Mconect Technology.

    With 1500mAh battery, can be compatible with most popular HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, CDMA EVDO USB dongles(3G,3.5G,3.75G USB Modems), can erich your wireless life anytime, anywhere.
    Product Feature
    1. Connect internet anytime, anywhere
    2. Built-in 1500mAh Li-on battery, last working for 3hours
    3. Compatible with CDMA EVDO, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA network
    4. Compatible with most popular HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/CDMA EVDO USB Modem on market
    5. Small enough to fit in your pocket
    6. Enable to connect up to 20 devices at once
    7. Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n, speed up to 150Mbps
    8. Automatic receipt of IP address with DHCP server
    9. Security through WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and built-in firewall
    Product Specification/Models
    1. LED Indicator x 5(Power, Battery, WIFI, Signal, Mode)
    2. Compliance to 802.11b/g/n standard with 100mV transmission power
    3. Wireless Access Point &Gateway
    4. DC Power Input 5V 1.2A
    5. Internal WIFI Antenna
    6. Battery, Li 1500mAh
    Operating System Support
    All system is OK
    Other Information
    1. DC Power Port: Mini USB 2.0 interface
    2. USB2.0 Modem Interface
    3. 10/100 Ethernet x 1
    Standard Package Contents
    1. 818 3G router x 1
    2. DC Adapter x1 (Std. 2pin-CE, or 2pin-UL, 3pin-Uk)
    3. USB cable x 1
    4. User Guide x 1
    5. Battery x 1
    Dimension: 110x68x25.5mm
    Weight: 95g

    T/T or L/C
    3-7 days
    Minimum Order
    color box
    Firmware are upgradable.

    Remarks: EVDO USB Modem Technology EvDO Rev A Yes Wireless Data Speed(Reverse/Forward)1.8Mbps/3.1Mbpsnetworkmode CDMA 20001x/EVDO band 800M 0r 1900M&...

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Franklin leads the wireless industry with its advanced CDU-550 EVDO USB modem. It provides instant wireless connectivity for mobile email, web browsing, and other mobile applications. Simply plug the CDU-550 into any supported Windows® or Mac (PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Desktop, Mac Mini, etc) or laptop and you can send and receive data. The CDU-550 works with high-speed, CDMA 1xRTT and EVDO networks and is backwards compatible with IS-95A/B networks.