The Explorer HAT Pro is a terrific prototyping side-kick for your !

The Explorer HAT and Explorer HAT Pro are the perfect prototyping side-kicks for your Raspberry Pi!

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  • For more information on the new Raspberry Pi 2, B+, or A+ Pimoroni Explorer HAT jump over to the Adafruit website for details via the link below.

    If you are looking for a way to easily prototype projects using your Raspberry Pi 2, B+, or A+ the new Pimoroni Explorer HAT is sure to be a great addition to your kit. Features of the Explorer HAT include :

  • The Enviro pHAT, available at Pimeroni in the UK and Adafruit in the US, is a Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) add-on with four multipurpose sensors that provide up to 10 different sensor variables. The Enviro pHAT is part of Pimeroni’s pHAT family of HAT add-ons, which includes last year’s motor-controlling , now called the Explorer pHAT.

    The Pimoroni Explorer HAT for Raspberry Pi provides user with a wealth of input and output options that can be used to drive motors, connect analog sensors, interfacing with 5V systems, and touch interfaces.

    Explorer Hat September 23, 2015
    Reviewer: Donna Todd from Sun City West, AZ United States  

  • Explorer Hat June 23, 2015
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Newmarket, ON Canada  

    Full Python library, documentation and examples - Head on over to our GitHub to find a Python library, examples, documentation and a brief introduction to Explorer HAT:

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