2 Easy Ways to Find Easter Eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Eggs. Find hidden easter eggs in movies, tv shows, software, music, books, and art.

Hidden Egg Hunt

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  • As gamers, we have grown accustomed to finding little references to other games and other forms of pop culture. What I don’t think anyone would have expected was to find an Easter Egg built inside of the new Xbox One S hardware itself.

    Have you seen the new Hard to Find Easter Eggs from Wonka? Instead of being bright colors like pink, blue and yellow the eggs are colored with Earth tone colors like green, brown and gray. They are also textured to look like rocks, sticks and grass. They are actually pretty cool looking. Nestle sent me some of the Hard to Find Easter Eggs, along with a few other free samples, in order to do a review. There was no compensation.

  • At San Diego Comic-Con, Niantic revealed the Team Leaders new purpose and how they will interact with you in future. CEO John Hanke hinted that there may be other Easter Eggs hidden buried in there yet to be discovered. Since then players have gone crazy to find Easter eggs similar to the . Here are the theories and rumors so far from Users. If you have come to any conclusion then please post them in the comments below.

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    Find the 6 hidden Easter eggs on our website. Each egg can be found hiding in a gift photo. There are clues below to help you find the Easter eggs on our website.

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Easter egg hunt clues...we have done this a few times, makes it much harder for older kids to find the easter treat!! So much fun...wish my kids were still little!!