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Polytree Women's Lace Fingerless Gloves (Black)

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  • On Chelsea, black and caramel-trimmed corset, black bustle skirt, fingerless black lace gloves, black combat boots, leather and chain collar necklace and iridescent cuff bracelet (outfits rent at Vintage Haberdashery for $55 to $75 depending on your styling). We added some items that were for sale at the store, including a vintage leather and metal-studded handbag ($22), rhinestone dangle earrings ($45) and a shrunken black glittered top hat with veil ($15.95).

    WHEN Isabelle Huppert first appears on screen in ''Sincerely Charlotte'' she seems under the influence of Madonna - singing in a Paris disco, orange streaks in her spiky blond hair, her style is gaudy jewelry and fingerless black lace gloves. But after her boyfriend is murdered and Charlotte runs to an old lover for help, the movie and its star are transformed. The lurid nightclub scenes give way to the sunny French suburbs, where Mathieu now lives placidly with his fiancee, Christine, and her young son; Charlotte's makeup wears off and she becomes so wholesome looking she eventually passes herself off as a nurse.

  • Spotted in a graying Elvira type wig, Lady Gaga wears a long, pale pink dress with black piping and black lace detail and fingerless black lace gloves.

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