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  • TAG : Typically, HP stops supporting most products after 10 years.
  • Well not exactly won, but after going through some steps they ended up with the free system. If you take a look at some of these websites, most of them will require for your personal data, for you to fill some questionnaires (which might be available only in some countries or regions) or download software and recommend the pages to your friends. In the end, this is how they compensate the cost for a HP laptop. But you should also know that some websites require payment for the downloads you make and for what you install. It is true that the sum can’t be compared to a brand new laptop, but it is indeed a risk. No one can tell for sure if you are going to receive your free HP laptop, or all that work was for nothing.

    You can take this into account the next time you want to get a free HP laptop. No one can stop you from visiting these types of websites. It is your right to use the internet as you wish, just be careful what websites you visit, get a powerful antivirus program and don’t get fooled that easily. Think that you are not the only user viewing the message and that “company” can’t afford giving away millions of free HP laptops just like that.

  • These sorts of links also include advertisers and banners you see online, telling that you have won a free HP laptop. But you have to think that you can’t actually win something if you don’t take part in a competition or something. These websites exist because users like you enter them and they earn money by clicks. But, there are some special situations in which some users actually won a .

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