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Plastic 2 Gallon Gas Tank - Sears

Pros of putting three small fantails with Plecy in the 40 gallon tank:
Aquarium Tank, Glass, 5-1/2 Gal
Too low to display
Which 55 gallon fish tank is your favorite? Where would it fit perfectly in your home?

Moeller A/D 12-Gallon High Profile Portable Fuel Tank

Too low to display
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  • When you pick out a fish tank, you can also get a big one or a small one — and choosing a 3 to 5 gallon tank means you’ve picked a very small one.

    Well, that’s a difficult question. Realistically, the smallest fish species you can find are the ones you should make your final pick from (full adult size, not just fish store size, yeah, we know, get on with it already). So the rule of thumb for a 3 to 5 gallon tank is that the smallest fish you can get will actually look the best in your tank.

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    My ten gal tank with my 3 Guppies . I decided to try a Beta and they're actually getting along pretty well. I also have a snail and 2 shrimp in this one...

    Place a 2×4 board on the ground, grab the handle of the tank, and smack the bottom of the tank against the board. These 5 gallon tanks are shipped without any air, and sometimes the OPD valve accidentally closes shut. Quickly banging the tank down can usually solve this problem. If the tank continues to refuse to fill, then it’s time to bring it back (if it’s new….if your tank is over 90 days old, it’s no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty)

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    I was wondering what types of corals and inverts you have in your set up? Im starting up a 30 gal tank myself. Nice tank btw

    Most people are asking about how to stock their 3 to 5 gallon tank — what can they put in it? Or more accurately, what can they get away with putting in it?

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This is amazing! On 5/18/02, I saw at least four baby ghost shrimp at once! Then, when siftingthe changed water in the bathtub for danio fry, I found the smallest ghost shrimp that I have everseen! It was about the size of the newborn danio fry. I put it in with the fry in the five gallontank. I have no idea why they are breeding well now. It may have to do with my adding iodineweekly now. This baby was put in with some 10 other shrimp now in the tank on 8/10/02. Alarge dead ghost shrimp was removed on 1/4/03 but there are at least a dozen left of all sizes(mostly grown up now). I removed a large, dead ghost shrimp on 5/23/03. There are at least20-30 shrimp in there now of all sizes! I removed a partial dead shrimp on 7/19/03 and a wholeone on 7/21/03. Both had turned white to molt and then died despite the addition of iodine. Anon-white, dead shrimp was removed on 10/4/03 from the tank. Another was removed on11/22/03. I mention the deaths but there are many adult shrimp thriving and breeding in the tankdespite the lack of cover.