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  • TAG : Sierra 8 Gang Marine Fuse Block #FS40650-1
  • Connect the the radio to a power source. In looking at at the two fuse panels (one gang and one independent block) i realized not only was there no room from an additional peripheral but both fuse blocks were in really bad shape and the gang fuse block had actually blown off two fuse mounts for the deck pump and rudder indicator. So this led to several unexpected projects:

    6 Circuit Raised Ganged ATO/ATC Fuse Block - Our 6 position ganged fuse block has an integrated 8 gauge power wire with a 3/8" ring terminal that feeds 6 separate fuses. Excellent choice for a fused power distribution panel for auxiliary circuits. Clear plastic dust cover included. Maximum load capacity for all circuits combined is 65 amps. Connections are made using #8 ring terminals on the side of the fuse block. Dimension are 4.5"L x 1.5"W x 2.5"H

  • To complete your next wiring task, use the Seachoice ATO/ATC Fuse Block. The heavy duty plastic molded base with ground bar gives it a sturdy foundation. The material makes is durable and strong. The black color of the 6 gang fuse block will blend in with most engines or parts.

    The Delphi Packard 4 gang fuse block kit gives you the flexibility to design your own fuse block layout and is expandable by simply adding another, or multiple, fuse block kits. The housings snap together for that clean, factory look.

    Low Profile 6 Gang ATC Fuse Distribution Block
    Part Number 5415
    Price $13.00
    Accpets Up to 4 AWG Wire
    3/4"(H) x 1 /3/4"(W) x 3"(L)

  • Seachoice Fuse Blocks with 2 Bus Bars
    Combination multiple gang fuse blocks with brass clips and screws. Can be used with 1/4" x 1 1/4" fuses for circuit distribution and also features separate grounding terminal bar. Fuses not included.
    Comes in either 4, 6 or 8 gang panels
    Regular Price: $16.50
    Our Price: $10.54

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