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  • But perhaps one of the most important tools for such excur sions sits on his dashboard next to a small fan blowing against the windshield to prevent the cab from fogging - that hand held Garmin 12XL GPS.

    The crew consisted of a pilot, co-pilot, and two trained observers positioned on opposite sides of the aircraft on each flight. Prior to surveys, observers were trained in survey techniques and their ability to accurately identify species was verified. At the beginning of each transect, environmental conditions were recorded including sea state, glare, and cloud cover to be tested as potential covariates in density estimation. Surveys were only conducted in Beaufort Sea States ≤ 3 to maximize animal visibility. Upon sighting an animal, the position, species, relative size (S, M, L), number of individuals, sighting angle, and sea state were recorded. Position was recorded using a Garmin 12XL GPS unit with external antenna (15 m accuracy). Sighting angle (declination angle) was recorded using hand-held Suunto™ clinometers (PM-5/360PC). When possible, relative size classes of turtles were estimated by the observers and categorized as small, medium, or large relative for each species to provide rough estimates of the life stages present (small juvenile, large juvenile, adult respectively) in these waters. Where size class was ambiguous between small and medium, the turtles were classified as small; similarly, turtles that were between medium and large were classified as large. Size classification was based on observer knowledge and training prior to flights.

  • In early September each year students do scent-post surveys to assist DNR in collecting data on wolves and other wildlife. Setting up a scent post involves clearing and smoothing an area on the ground one meter in diameter and placing a disc imbedded with an attractive scent in the middle. Up to 20 scent posts are established, one-third of a mile apart, in areas recommended by DNR. The location of each is recorded using a Garmin 12XL GPS. Students return the next day to identify the paw prints of different animals that have visited the posts. Recorded data are put into separate data layers and overlaid onto basemaps, which provide a visual sampling of animals in a particular area at that time of year.

    11:29 p.m. Saturday, Northwoods Landing. A man reported that several items were stolen out of his locked vehicle. Stolen items were a cell phone charger, Garmin 12XL GPS, Nikon binoculars, Lawrence X65 depth finder and a Lawrence LCX15 depth finder.

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    Well thought out quality radio.  Time owned: unknown months
    After using the TM-D700A for two weeks I have found no real problems.
    The installation is somewhat more difficult as the radio must be mounted as a remote face. The works in the box are mounted elsewhere. This is complicated by the fact that the mic plugs into the radio and not the face. Kenwood has a cable kit that provides the extra length of cable necessary but the kit is quite pricey. The kit includes an extension for the front panel as well, but this is normally not needed as the cord that comes with is long enough for most installs.
    Kenwood surly could have included the mic extension cord for the $679 current price.
    The only thing that I can find wrong with the program is that once you find your favorite station's aprs info, you naturally want to tell someone else what the display says. Keying the B side of the radio for talk purposes causes the display to return to the frequency readout and the APRS info is gone.
    I have a Garmin 12XL GPS connected to the unit and it has preformed flawlessly.
    The radio does interupt the voice communications as it is receiving data. This is only momentary, but just enough to lose a word or two from the fellow you are talking to. This at times causes you to have to ask the guy on the other end to say his thoughts over again.
    If you are into APRS or SAtelite mobile, YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE O THESE!!!!!

  • Whether you’re traveling across the country or just to an unfamiliar part of town, you rely on your GPS to get you where you’re going. Unfortunately, a dead GPS battery isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you’re Garmin GPS 12XL GPS needs a new battery or you just want an extra on hand just in case, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help!

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