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You could also utilize one of our previous ideas and add some wacky ‘‘ to the pool for your Glow Stick Pool Party!

100 Glow Stick Party Pack - 100 Mixed Color 8" Premium Glowsticks with Connectors to Make Bracelets, Glasses, Flowers, Balls and More - Bulk Wholesale Pack

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  • You can pick and choose one or two just for fun, or you could throw a whole glow stick themed party some evening. No matter what you choose, turn off the lights, and be prepared for some evening fun!

    You would now have something different experience in your parties and this is all apt for bringing a new energy to the parties. You may bring some creative idea that can make the use of this glowing stick in a new innovative way. Take the right move now with the glow stick party cups as it is made to make the different in a positive way. So, get ready to make the things come in a more stylish way in the party and this glow stick party cups are all set to make you feel happy in a larger way.

  • Turn the lights off and the cups up with these Glow Stick Party Cups. Designed to last through the entire night. Will surely add some color to your next late night gathering! Great for black light parties or just a weird Friday night!

    Get ready to light up the night with glow in the dark party supplies from Windy City Novelties. Available in multiple colors, our glow products and accessories help add some flair to any nighttime event. In addition to our classic, non-toxic , we also carry glow jewelry. Our glow stick party supplies include , earrings, and glow bracelets. These neon items make for an excellent night run or night festival accessory. Looking to throw a ? See our fun selection of glow barware and drinkware that includes glow margarita glasses, ice cubes, and straws. Planning a ? You'll love our neat glow in the dark sports supplies.



    The or glow stick party ideas at Windy City Novelties easily add flair to any theme party, holiday, or special occasion. Light up your next BBQ with glow in the dark bar and drinkware. Make sure you stand out at this summer’s biggest events with glow supplies for music festivals. Transform your next holiday like Cinco de Mayo or NYE with glow decorations. Teenagers can even spruce up birthday parties like a Sweet 16 with glow products.

Cups: 50 Glow Stick Party Cups (16-18 oz)

Create a festive atmosphere at an event with this Glow Sticks Party Pack. It comes with over 200 pieces that illuminate when activated. This pack of glow party supplies contains a variety of items including rings, bracelets and over 100 bright sticks. It is ideal for use outside or in dark indoor areas.