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Marinco (2602A-12) Guest Battery Charger 2A / 12V; 1 Bank; 120V Input


ChargePro 10A 2 Bank 12V/24V Waterproof Battery Charger

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  • The original Guest chargers were designed for marine conditions, meaning: poor dockside power quality; exposure to extreme weather; and very rough handling. The epoxy-potted cases are the ultimate in durability, completely waterproof and able to withstand numerous caustic chemicals and gases, as well as being shockproof. Guest 3 - Stage chargers are lighter than transformer types, completely silent, and still provide full output when overloaded outlets drop AC input below the normal 110 / 120 volts. All Guest chargers have a full 1 - year warranty.

    Because of the Guest smart charging technology you will never need to worry about overcharging your battery again. Every output is completely controlled by a microprocessor to insure correct charging of your battery. If you have any trouble sizing your battery system, please check out our tutorials , and our for answers.

  • COMPLETE SYSTEM TO EXTEND YOUR FISHING TIME! The new Charge Pro PLUS system combines a Guest charger with an alternator power module (VSR) to continuously charge the trolling motor or house battery while the engine is running. This one of-a-kind system allows energy which is normally wasted on a fully charged cranking (or starting) battery bank to be re-directed to the trolling motor or house battery bank - ensuring that all batteries are fully charged.

    Guest by Marinco offers a full line of both Marine Chargers, and battery chargers for mobility scooters. One of the defining features of the Guest marine chargers is that they are capable of charging all types of Lead acid batteries, including flooded, AGM, and Gel type batteries. The only questions left to ask are how many batteries do you need to charge? And, do you need to charge big batteries, or just maintain the small ones?

    Guest Battery, Chargers, Guess Chargers, at discount prices. Guest Chargers are some of the best Battery Chargers, Trolling Motor Chargers, in the industry. At Boaters Marine Supply we offer the complete line at great discount prices. Complete our member signup for boat equipment giveaways. No Tax, Free Shipping most orders over $200. We have all the Guest Battery, Guest Chargers, here.

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    RE: "Guest" onboard battery charger

    i do not like guest chargers maxum installed them on some of there bigger boats for a while. i bet ive replaced at least 10 most just after the warrenty was up.

    Choosing the right Guest Pro Charger will also ensure that your battery will last for as long as possible. The wrong type of charger could result in shortening the life of your battery. Choosing the correct type of charger will make sure that your battery is cared for properly.

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All Guest small portable charges, Guest Single-battery on-board chargers, and Guest Dual-battery on-board chargers come with the following features: waterproof, electronic switching technology, short-circuit protected, reverse-polarity protected, overload protected, complete with AC and DC cables with connectors. Guest chargers are great for flooded, AGM, and Gel Cell batteries.