PART ONE: Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

Hearing aids cost more than gold? That can't be true... right?

Nevertheless, the conclusion holds: on a per-ounce basis, hearing aids cost twenty times their weight in gold.

Traditional Rating of Noise Versus Physiological Costs of Sound Exposures to the Hearing (Biomedical and Health Research)

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  • In any case, the comparison is still startling and should raise questions on whether the industry and hearing aid costs are really operating at its most favorable level for the consumer. Let’s look at the next piece of analysis.

    The manufacturing and distribution hearing aid costs are upside-down in comparison to the manufacturing and distribution costs of an iPad.

  • Let’s assume a high-end hearing aid costs $1000 to the audiologist when he/she buys it from the manufacturer and consequently gets sold for $3000 to the consumer. Now if you dissect the $1000, based on a study by the German Competition Regulator, the following total cost breakdown emerges:

    This guest post on hearing aid costs was contributed by Ed Belcher*, who put together this eye-opening, neat piece of analysis.

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  • Hearing aids cost thousands of dollars, and they're not covered by Medicare — though some Medicare Advantage plans cover them — and employer-based health plans through private insurers rarely kick in, either.

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The GAO figures it costs the taxpayer about 12,000 USD to fit someone with hearing aids costing the V.A. about 800 USD….And the VA does not have to “market” their H/As….I also take exception to your service #s…..the average private practice fitting involves about 8 hours of initial counseling, and an hour or so three to 4 times a year, for the life of the H/A….the consumer paying real out of pocket money, will not tolerate the substandard service that our veterans receive….try and work in the real world, you will soon find out what I’m talking about…..most full price dispensers will even make a hospital, or nursing home call, if necessary, at little or no cost…