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  • The US Patent and Trademark Office lists the Hitachi Magic Wand's first use in commerce as April 25th, 1968. In the 46 years since, this big, white hunk of plug-in plastic, which bears some resemblance to a bass drum mallet, has come to represent an awkward duality for many Americans. It's marketed and sold as a personal massager in department stores and pharmacies, while also serving as a trusted masturbation aid.

    The Magic Wand isn't what you'd expect from a modern sex toy. In fact, it could very well be your grandmother's vibrator. It weighs 1.2 pounds, measures 12 inches from base to tip and has a bulbous, "tennis ball-sized" head. It's made of hard plastic, has two speeds -- high (6,000 vibrations per minute) and low (5,000 vibrations per minute) -- and connects to a power outlet via a 6-foot cord. It's neither waterproof, nor water-resistant and has a tendency to overheat* after 25 minutes of use. Shortcomings aside, the Magic Wand continues to outsell more technologically advanced competitors, even as the company that created it distances itself from what has become one of the most iconic sex toys in existence.

    You never forget the time you first lay eyes on a Hitachi Magic Wand. I was probably 14 and I was looking for an extension cord behind my moms’ (yes I have 2 moms) bed. There is was. She quickly told me it was for her “back”. I didn’t believe her then and I sure wouldn’t believe her now. I firmly believe that every woman should know how to pleasure herself. The is not for the faint of heart. It will change your life. Pleasure as you know it will have a new meaning. I hope you enjoy the as much as I do!

  • "She told me to get a Hitachi Magic Wand, but to be careful of its power, both physical and psychological, as it's an addictive agent right behind heroin," Hanson said. "My only previous vibrator experience was a pink plastic thing that held two D-cell batteries and the Hitachi was a whole 'nother world."

    Hanson's reaction to the Magic Wand isn't unique. The internet is of its strength, versatility and staying power. It's commonly referred to as the Cadillac of vibrators and has been a best-seller at progressive sex shop Good Vibrations since it opened in 1977. It's moved from ads in the back of the liberal political rag Mother Jones in the '80s to being the punchline on an episode of Louie earlier this year. In the meantime, it's become a regular in the pages of women's magazines like Cosmo, appeared as a trusty sidekick in adult films and spawned an army of . In the near 50 years since its birth, technological advances have led to massive leaps in consumer technology, but the Magic Wand has remained largely unchanged.

    What is it about the Hitachi Magic Wand that ticks all the boxes for people, so much that it is still a favorite after 30 years? It simply will rock your world that’s what. The wand massager has been around for more then 30 years and was designed and made so well that Hitachi has never needed to change it. Even though there are new toys constantly coming into the market many people still prefer to choose a magic wand rather then some other fancy thing available.

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    2005 No. 1 greatest gadget of all time Hitachi Magic Wand Mobile Magazine Won [10]
    2006 Best Vibrator Award The Hitachi Magic Wand A Piece of Cake Won [107]
    2013 Favorite Sex Toy for Women The Magic Wand from Vibratex The Sex Awards Won [117][118][119]

  • The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager has been renamed to ‘Magic Wand Original’ in 2013 for marketing purposes. It is the same product made by Hitachi. Specifications:

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Wat een vibrator zeg! Deze super vibrator is oorspronkelijk gemaakt om uw nek te masseren maar natuurlijk kunnen we veel leukere dingen bedenken met deze Love Machine. Dit is de 2e versie met nog meer standen dan het 1e model! Daarbij passen ook nog eens alle opzetstukken van de Hitachi Magic Wand op deze nieuwe versie!