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  • Book Stores Would Be More Fun If Everyone Shopped Nude I bet more people would buy books if all the girls in the bookstores shopped naked. Of course it might also lead to more books with sticky pages. Eeeeew… Girls shopping naked and wandering around nude in public is awesome though. Is your girl bold […]

    Amazon has changed the way the world shops, but maybe not as much as Jeff Bezos’ $25 billion fortune might suggest: going to the store still has the greatest influence on what people decide to buy, a new report says.

  • Should this plan in its present form be extended to pressers in the other stores? Ans: No, not in its present form. While the piece-rate plan does make more effective use of Wan’s time and save the company energy money, the quality control issue is a problem. There needs to be an included incentive for quality.

    Please note that Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Vine St, and US 192 are all the same road (192 runs along the southern boundary of WDW). If you head east on 192, you will run into the stores listed in this area. Look for signs on WDW property to 192.

  • Deep inside, I think this is a cunning initiative by Apple. They inform the customer that they have to wait 20-30 minutes, which is short enough for the customer to wait in the shop, and not too long for the customer to say “the hell with it, I’ll be back!”.

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Love how this naughty exhibitionist gal is smiling as she flashes her pussy and tits in the hardware store. That doesn’t even look like some back corner, but like the end cap of a main aisle. Very bold, very naughty and I like it!