Macy's has 728 stores, 675 of which are full line stores.

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But shuttering stores has been a common occurrence for retailers over the past few years.
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  • With over 650 Finish Line retail store locations, use the Store Locator to find your nearest store. Plug in a zip code or city/state and all the closest store locations with store address(es) will pop up. Click on "View Map & Directions" so you can get to your local Finish Line store with ease, whether it’s to shop our latest gear or do an in-store pickup.

    The companies continued to expand, Aldi Nord growing into 35 independent regional branches with about 2,500 stores, and Aldi Sud growing into 31 companies with 1,600 stores. In the 1970s and 80s, after the German reunification and the fall of Iron Curtain, Aldi expanded internationally, eventually operating some 8,210 individual stores worldwide. Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud operate markets mainly in Europe, but Aldi Sud also operates in the United States and Australia, among other locations.

  • With shoppers increasingly buying online or from niche retailers and discount stores, the onetime pillars of retail are trying to rethink their business to keep up with consumers who want a different experience in stores than they find on their phones. That includes more attentive sales staff, pampering guests with beauty treatments and bringing in new kinds of merchandise.

    still looking for the glazed pecans?? suppose to be in stores nov 12th! not here in minnesota-where can i order them from?? thank you!! packaged by southern grove!-sincerely nancy

  • The company, which declared bankruptcy in March, initially only planned to close 140 of 450 stores. However, it wasn't able to find someone to buy its remaining stores.

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