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But for now, it looks like Republicans are surrounded by kryptonite.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (3.25-inch x 7-Inch)

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  • Kryptonite plots again became more frequent. And with them, of course, came more lead. With lead paint encircling every pencil on every desk in every corner of the world -- and Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, is a journalist for God's sake -- the storylines thinned again. Kryptonite was overused and lead was too easy. Lost in lead mines, writers spastically grabbed at a new answer. But unbelievably, they settled on an old one: better kryptonite.

    A rushed writer found himself in yet another lead box and, searching for inspiration, he found his answer right underneath an artist's nose: colored pencils. He and his colleagues sprinkled Superman's world with countless colors of kryptonite, each with its own unusual effect. All of these new rocks shared two qualities: they were all unaffected by lead and they were all utterly stupid.

  • DC's writers couldn't kill Superman, but they began to run out of wacky, zany ways to end kryptonite stories. Desperate once again, they hurriedly cooked up an answer: lead. Wrapped in lead, kryptonite holds no sway over Superman. Lead renders it harmless. Perhaps a rushed writer found himself stuck in a kryptonite box and, searching for inspiration, capitulated to an answer right under his nose: the tip of his pencil. But in his haste he chose one of the most available metals on earth, one of the most common on Superman's adopted home.

    Red kryptonite was a lump of the good, old-fashioned green stuff that passed through a radioactive cloud of some sort on its journey to earth. Every piece was different. In one issue it caused Superman to endure psychedelic, mind-bending hallucinations. In another it morphed the hero into embarrassing shapes. Each piece of red kryptonite affected Superman for only a day, at which point he returned to his normal state (no doubt because his writers couldn't find a graceful exit from these crappy plots).

    Color: Black
    Condition: New
    Count: 1
    Manufacturer Part Number: U-409
    Model: 999911
    Brand: Kryptonite
    Features: Cylinder dust cover ,  4" x 9" U-Lock features a multiposition carrying bracket ,  Key safe program ,  15 mm steel shackle
    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.00 x 1.80 x 11.00 Inches

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    Not what I was expecting, at least this is one more thing Superman doesn't have to worry about.

    It was one of those thing I hated to do but had to. Superman was exposed to red kryptonite so I used green kryptonite to counter act the red kryptonite, it worked.

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    When The Adventures of Superman ended, Action Comics writers were still under the gun. Not bulletproof like their hero, they feverishly raced the deadlines, churning out story after story, keeping newsstands heavily stocked with tales of the Man of Steel. Plot lines grew thinner and thinner, and they too embraced kryptonite. And every time this crazy rock surfaced, Superman came closer to death - but death remained impossible: dead characters earn no paychecks.

Alex wielding a Green Kryptonite sword.

An imperfect synthesis of artificial kryptonite containing tar appeared in . orders the creation of synthetic kryptonite after remembering a story about the last original chunk disappearing years earlier after falling to Earth (whether Webster references the kryptonite robbery in is unclear.) Developed by , it was intended to be a copy of green kryptonite. After scanning the coordinates of Krypton's former location via satellite, results return a small percentage of an unknown component. The substitution of tar (which Gorman used after glancing at a cigarette carton) for a crucial, but unknown, component resulted in the synthetic kryptonite behaving like a combination of red kryptonite and black kryptonite; in this case, the kryptonite turned Superman evil and eventually split him into two people. The and Clark Kent, the embodiment of Superman's remaining good qualities, then engage in an epic battle at a deserted junkyard, where Clark emerges victorious and the evil Superman fades from sight (it should be noted that this might only have been an hallucination on Superman's part). Later in the film, Gorman's creation, the Ultimate Computer, severely weakens Superman with a kryptonite ray before Gorman has a change of heart and attacks his own machine.