What have we learned? KY Jelly is not a jelly made in Kentucky.

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K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant (Stand-up Tube), 4 oz

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  • The 2 oz. tubes of KY Jelly can be found at Walmart for $2.62. Use this new to score a freebie + get a Let’s talk about lube, baby. Let’s talk about it because no one really likes to mention it… Lube, like KY Jelly, is one of the reasons I was inspired to write my most recent book, “Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable.”.38 overage applied to the rest of your items.

    Many people use it religiously, but no one was talking about the scary toxic ingredients in conventional brands. (I’m talking to you, KY Jelly and Astroglide.)

  • There is alot of buzz currently from forum readers which has now filtered down to my inbox. This buzz is about KY Jelly as a hair moisturiser and styling aid. I have to say, it was a little strange that someone thought about putting it in hair However, it is not a half-bad idea lol.

    We list some top rated ky jelly lubricants here and you can choose one that you like most by reading their descriptions and performance carefully. Trust me, a good ky jelly lubricants can also be a good gift for your families or friends.

    Click here to see a short video about KY Jelly. We hope it will answer any questions for you.
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    Due to being water soluble, KY Jelly pore no risk of side effects and can be used as often as you want. Moreover, it is compatible with condoms and other sex aids such as toys and intimate objects, so you can safely use this personal lubricant to enjoy better sex.

KY Jelly… As a Hair Moisturizer? | Black Girl with Long Hair

It is one of the most recognized personal lubricants in the market today. KY Jelly for women and men provides comfort, ease and helps give a feeling of satisfying your partner for longer. This water-based lubricant intends to help you overcome issues such as vaginal dryness and friction during sexual activity, helping you enjoy intimacy with your partner. This personal lubricant can safely be used along with condoms and sex toys unlike oil-based lubricants. Moreover, the formula can easily be rinsed off with water.