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  • Cost – The cost of the seminar to learn doll repair is $4,800.00. (REMEMBER, THIS IS CAREER TRAINING). A deposit of $500 is required when you sign up and the seminar time schedule is agreed upon. This is non-refundable unless WE cancel the seminar. Deposit to be paid with a certified check, money order or credit card (Pay Pal). The deposit is used to buy the supplies and materials you will use in class, payment for custom made tools you cannot buy anywhere else, a top of the line air brush set, as well as cover expenses of setting up the seminar. Deposit is non-refundable, balance of career training due the first day of the class (orientation day). Cash for balance is always appreciated due to avoid credit card fees.

    Seminars to learn doll repair are usually scheduled for the convenience of the student, based on coordinating time schedules of Janie Nafsinger and the student’s. It is to the student’s advantage to be first to schedule a seminar as following students will be required to accommodate an already set schedule.

  • They will definitely enjoy playing the dress up games with the different types of learning activity dolls. Choose one for a memorable gift that will be treasured and give hours of fun learning time.

    -The full seminar to learn doll repair and restoration is 14 consecutive days of work and instruction. There are no days off. This does NOT include arrival or departure days. Space in any given seminar to learn doll repair and restoration is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, limited to 3 students due to the intensive one on one instruction. Should your reservation & contract be received after a class is filled, your funds will be returned, and you will have priority for the next seminar. Should your deposit not be received by the deadline date, (without prior arrangements of non-receipt) it is assumed that you are not interested in the seminar at this time.

    Kay with her dolls after completion of a 5 day Seminar in composition dolls

    If you would like to learn doll repair or doll restoration it is because you are looking for something new in your life. You want to repair your own dolls, your friends or explore a new career avenue, part time or full. Whatever the reason, you are also seeking value for what you might spend to get the training. As a teacher, I am doing this because it is REALLY important to me to pass on the art of restoring dolls the RIGHT way. You also know that you CAN NOT learn it all in a 4-day doll restoration seminar or even a two week doll restoration seminar. With so many different kinds of dolls, there are going to be times that you just don’t know what to do. It should be important to you to have a mentor, a resource to come back to after the class is over, which most schools or classes do not offer. While you are at a seminar would you like to be able to work any time, day or night or is it important to you to pay for a hotel and food and be able to quit at 5 p.m.? If you want to have an authentic, intense learning experience, walk away with a bag of tools and resources to work at home, then consider a seminar with Antique Child Doll Restoration

    Kay in the paint booth working on composition doll pieces

  • What is the advantage of taking instruction to learn doll repair with Antique Child Doll Restoration?

    • Most instructors have had no training in teaching and do not understand spiral curriculum utilized to build upon what you already know. Janie has a BA and 2 Master degrees in teaching.
    •  You get more time on task with one-on-one instruction.   When you stay in one of the guest rooms, you save money you would have spent on hotel and food.  You have 24-7 access to the doll studio and learning library to get the most time learning.
    •  You will have hands-on experience learning about 100 years of dolls 1860-1960.  Your instruction will cover china dolls, paper mache dolls, German and French ball jointed and leather body dolls, American composition dolls and the vintage hard plastic and vinyl dolls.  You will learn how the dolls were manufactured, how to restore them correctly, eye repair, wig restoration, repainting for invisible restoration, hard plastic repainting, removing blemishes correctly, and cloth body fabrication.
    •  The second half of doll repair is appropriate doll clothing styles and fabrics used for doll clothes.  You will fabricate a pair of authentic oilcloth shoes and learn about doll underwear.
    •  Customer relations, business practices and web design will be to start you off on the right foot to attracting a steady supply of customers.
    •  Your education is never over!  You have a support system to help you over the bumps in a  doll business that don’t seem quite so clear once you start doing them.  With as many different kinds of dolls that there are, you are bound to come in contact with problems you have not learned about before. Janie is available as a mentor to help you.

    Now Available is a 14-day training course so you can learn doll repair which will teach you all you need to know to operate a full service doll hospital. This LABOR INTENSIVE, HANDS-ON CAREER TRAINING will require you to bring dolls that you will fully restore in class. With so much to learn, students will often work long hours to complete the entire course. You can not learn the skills like invisible bisque repair, or composition repair, by listening to a lecture!

learning doll from Children's Factory's Fanny's Playhouse collection

Doll repair classes are offered several times a year to learn doll restoration in a seminar setting. Learn doll hospital education in a training environment designed for individualized attention and come away with the tools you need for success in doll repair and doll restoration.