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  • I was after something simpler and yet authentic. The was at the Betty Crocker website and it called for marshmallows, canned frosting, and boxed cake mix. No way. Plus, it didn't look very much like real LEGO bricks. My two inspirations were these cakes:I could find very little info on the first cake, but the second cake was by a gifted amateur named Kevin. He very kindly emailed me the info on how he made his son's cake, but it required official LEGO cake molds. I didn't have the time to acquire those, so I was on my own. (But if I ever do this again, I'm following : he painted the building blocks with melted candy to give them that shiny plastic look. Impressive!)

    Want to create your very own ? It’s possible, even without Cake Boss-style skills. Snatch up this rare set of LEGO Cake Molds to build an extra special cake inspired by the beloved blocks. The set includes 1 red minifigure cake pan mold, 1 red brick cake pan mold and two smaller trays for making teeny tiny, LEGO treats.

  • Each Lego Brick Cake Mold makes six individual Lego pieces. They are almost two and a half inches square so they are "bite sized" and perfect for little hands. The bad thing is that if you are having more than five or six people you are going to have to make several batches because everyone is going to want at least two of them. If you are making this instead of a full sized sheet cake then make an extra batch just to be on the safe side. You can freeze the cake sections if you want but make sure that they are flat on something so they don't get bent out of shape.

    You can use this for things other than cake. You can make brownies, breads, pastries and even meatloaf in it. I tried making gelatin in the Lego Brick Cake Mold but it was a little hard to get the squares out. I found that a little puzzling since it is silicone and it should have released it perfectly. One of the biggest downsides to this is when it comes to decorating it. You can lose the detail of the studs in a heartbeat if you use too much frosting. The easiest way to get a good looking edible Lego brick is to use .

  • Hey I have come across your blog a few times (google, Pinterest, etc) and I have this silicon lego cake pop mold. I want to make them for my son’s bday party, and have a quick question regarding how to make them… do you drop the frosting in first, then rectangles of cake, and then more frosting?