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  • Hi i m curious about life path reading and not sure how this works,
    1,11,22 = 7
    do i read the life path 7 only?
    or do i read the life path 1 , 11 , 22 and 7?

    Lol just how you asked that was funny, but any how does anyone know if life path 7 naturally comes with esp? If someone could get back to me thatd be great

  • Duck Life 7 comes packed with brand new features and accessories for your little duckling! Your objective is to train your duckling to be a championship winning race duck.

    Came across this site while doing some research on the occult/Scottish Freemasons and the significance of numbers/symbols in our culture . I have to say I was kinda taken aback by the accuracy of my life path 7 . It describes me to a T and doesn’t seem to be cold reading though I maybe wrong as I’ve not put much time into the subject (this is my cynical nature coming into play as described in my life path ! ) Thank you for creating the site it has definetly given me food for thought .

  • For the ultimate in a tasty, high-protein, high fiber loaf, Food for Life developed the original 7-Sprouted Grains Bread.

    This unique bread contains no flour. Instead, we sprout and specially combine seven nutritious grains: Barley, Brown Rice, Corn, Millet, Oats, Rye, and Whole Wheat. We mix and sprout these choice grains in our own special way to capture all their wholesomeness. Slow baking blends all their distinctive flavors for a real taste treat. By combining seven grains, you get more nutrition and flavor packed into every slice of Food For Life 7-Sprouted Grains Bread.

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Duck Life 7 offers three different servers for you to play. When you first start the game and select the duckling you wish to use, you can then select which server to play on. The list will show you how many players are currently playing on that specific server, to give you an idea of how much competition you are up against in the Server Arena Challenges, as well as if you might experience any lag in the game due to server overload.