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Apple MD823ZM/A Lightning-to-30 Pin Adapter

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  • finally got their new dock adapter in the mail and naturally decided to tear it apart and find out what is inside. They found out that just like the new Lightning cables, Apple’s gone to some extra lengths to make the Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter unhackable and uncounterfeitable.

    The new Lightning to 30 Pin adapter has not won over many Apple fans. No one wants to pay $30 to be able to use their old iPhone accessories with the new iPhone 5, but it’s better than buying a new accessory altogether, right?

  • Check out the all new Lightning to 30 pin adapter that I purchased to help solve the problem of hooking up your iPhone 5 to your car's stereo system. I've shown you how to use Bluetooth to stream your music but today I wanted to try to utilize the factory car audio cable from Hyundai. See what happens when I use the 30 pin adapter connected to the factory auxiliary cable and plug it into my iPhone 5.

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