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Energizer LR44 1.5V Button Cell Battery, 6 Each

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  • The LR44 Alkaline Battery is a long-Lasting Alkaline Button Cell Battery. LR44 Alkaline Battery is compact in shape and economical value alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. This alkaline battery provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device. Works effectively in both low and high temperature. An alkaline battery is a battery that uses manganese dioxide and zinc to create a reaction, and it is an economical alternative to silver oxide batteries, while still providing high capacity and long usage life. The LR44 Alkaline Battery is commonly used in these products: calculators, thermometers, electronics toys, small radios, cameras and other low drain equipment. medical equipment. toys and portable electronics.

    LR44 Alkaline Battery is compatible with the following models:
    675A, A76 Cell, WCLR44 Alkaline, L1154 Pedometer, GPA76 Alkaline, L1154 Vinnic, WCLR44 Button Cell, LR44 Watch, PX76, FM28F, BLR44, LR44 Soda Button Cell, L1154, GPA76, GPA76 Alkaline Cell, 76A, GPA76 Button, GP76A, LR44 Alkaline, CX44,

  • While button cell batteries are safe for normal use, their small size makes them easy for children to swallow. This can be extremely dangerous. Batteries Plus Bulbs encourage LR44 button battery users take the appropriate precautions to protect children and other family members from accidental ingestion. Read to learn more

    Find and Buy LR44 Battery

    There are many small, handheld electronic devices/gadgets at home, do you know what kind of battery it uses? Usually, these devices do not take the AA or AAA batteries, but uses a small and round battery. This type of battery has many different kinds of uses, from small LED flashlights, digital thermometers, calculators, laser pointers and etc.

    The LR44 Alkaline battery is a very common model for the standard 1.5V alkaline battery. As an alkaline battery and its large size, it provides high capacity and long usage. The LR44 button cell battery is small and round shape, and the size is 5.4mm x 11.6mm.

    You can find these batteries in your local electronic stores, but they may not carry the correct model number. If they do have it, it will be very expensive, from $2.99 - $4.99 per piece. However, you can buy the LR44 alkaline button cell battery online easily and for a fraction of the store price.

    The LR44 Battery is also known as: , , . Some popular brands for this battery are: , , .

    Check out our wide selection of the LR44 battery. If you are not sure, use the top search box and find the right battery or an equivalent battery.

    LR44 Battery
    LR44 Battery

    The LR44 battery is a 1.5 volt button cell battery mainly used in small electronics. 

    About the LR44 Battery
    The L stands for alkaline battery with  zinc (negative) and manganese dioxide (positive) electrodes.
    The R44 stands for the round shape with dimensions of 11.6mm x 5.4mm

    Common / Equivalent Names
    There are several batteries that can be substituted with an LR44.  The LR44 battery can replace AG13, SG13, LR154, A76, S76, EPX76, 157, 303, 357 batteries since they all have the same size and voltage.  The only difference would be in the battery capacity and brand name.

    Saving Money using Generic Batteries
    To save money, buy batteries using generic brands.  Alkaline LR44 batteries have a typical capacity of 150 mAh and a brand name battery will not have any more power.  To gain a longer battery life, use a silver oxide battery such as SR44 which as a typical capacity of 200 mAh (33% more).

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    LR44 Battery

    Maxell LR44 Battery (2 pack) - Fits Streamlight KeyMate, Millite FingerLight Pelican L1, and MiniFlasher.

    Note - It takes 4 batteries to operate the Keymate or L1.

“We don’t have LR44 batteries. Try RadioShack.”

The Finger Piano is equipped with three sound banks allowing you to play the piano, bells, or strangely, cat! Together with three volume levels, which are powered by 3 x LR44 batteries (not included).