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  • Is your baby basically like everyone else? Didn't think so. So don't make your photo birth announcements like everyone else's. The perfect way to introduce your little baby to the world, your pregnancy announcement photo cards will be -- almost -- as amazing as your little one. Click a pic, add some stats, and send them out in the world.

    Hi, I'm Marika Neumann, and I'm going to show you how to make photo announcements. You will need a graphics program and your photos. The first step is to open your graphics program. Open a raster layer that is eight inches long and four inches tall. Choose a background color and fill in the raster layer with this color. Next, open the digital photo you wish to use for the announcement. Resize it so it's three inches tall and four inches wide. Add your resized photo as a new layer above the eight-inch by four-inch raster layer. Move the photo over the far left side of this layer. Select a font, a font size, and a font color. Add the announcement text in the space beside the photograph. Make sure the font is big enough to read and the color is appropriate at the top of the background color. Place the text in the space so that it is centered top to bottom, and left to right. Merge all the layers when the announcement is finished. Save the announcement as a JPEG file on your computer. And that is how to make photo announcements.

  • To make photo announcements, you'll need to have access to a graphics program along with digital copies of your photos. Make photo announcements with help from a professional photographer in this free video on photo announcements.

How to Make a Personalized Baby Photo Birth Announcement