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Nebuliser year pack for Medix Nebulisers Actineb, AC2000 & AC4000, Econoneb & Turboneb and Medix World Traveller and Nebair 4000 by NebAir

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  • The Medix AC2000 Nebuliser is a powerful nebuliser that can be used with all commonly prescribed medication for respiratory conditions. Suitable for both Adults and Children with adult/child masks supplied.

    This Medix AC2000 Nebuliser is ideal for home, hospital and clinic use. Buy from LifePharmacy Online.

    The Medix AC2000 Compressor Nebuliser System offers a high-flow solution that is suitable for nebulising all commonly prescribed medications for chronic and acute chest conditions.

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    Warranty3 Years

  • Medix AC2000 Nebuliser
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