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  • The Smart Four Two is manufactured by Smart, a manufacturer subsidiary of the German auto giant Daimler AG, or . At present it is the only micro hybrid vehicle available for sale in the United States through traditional dealer to consumer channels.

    There is a contrast between the auto market in Europe, where micro hybrid vehicles are common, and in the U.S., where the top three automakers seem to be ignoring some of the benefits of this technology. Micro hybrid advocates point to and other German and European models as implementing micro hybrid design cheaply and efficiently. Some suggest that the price of these systems could be down below $1000, making it an affordable design that could save American drivers a few miles per gallon. It's rumored that General Motors, after playing around with a possible micro hybrid design for some models, abandoned the idea, resulting in its absence from the U.S. market.

  • "In coming years, we will see more mega-size cities established and face more serious environmental problems. Throughout the world, the aging population is rapidly growing as well. To cope with climate, energy, and limited petroleum resources, we really need to think outside the box, once again, to find more convenient and eco-friendly transportation, just as the Ford Model T did in the early 1920s. A further level of R&D, technical standards, and regulatory reviews are required to have these types of micro vehicles or PMVs on the market through test-bed evaluations, but we believe that Armadillo-T is an icon toward the future transport system with technology innovation." Explore further:

    While snapping pictures of a fly perched beside me during a long car drive I caught a shot of it in mid take-off, as it launched straight up into the air. I’d never given a lot of thought to house fly flight dynamics before, except perhaps during miserably failed attempts to swat them. Attempting to learn more on the topic led me to a fascinating article discussing the use of insects to develop , aka Micro air vehicles.

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    Engineers have made a new tiny DelFly Micro air vehicle. This successor to the DelFly I and II weighs barely 3 grams, and with its flapping wings is very similar to a dragonfly. Ultra-small, remote-controlled micro aircraft with cameras, such as this DelFly, may well be used in the future for observation flights in difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas.

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The XM Radio Replacement Mini-Micro Vehicle Antenna is the perfect high-performance antenna for your XM Satellite Radio receiver. Using advanced satellite radio technology, it's the smallest XM Satellite Radio antenna ever. So small and discreet, its practically invisible. Magnetic mounting with rubberized feet allows instant installation without drilling into your vehicle's surface. The antenna can be easily removed if you sell your vehicle or return it at lease end. The extra long 23 foot micro-coax cable can be routed around window moldings and through access holes for a professional, low-profile installation.