Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 300GSM Professional Quality 12"X12"

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 300GSM Professional Quality 12"X12"

Microfiber Cloths - 300GSM Professional Quality 14"X14"

Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Pack of 50

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  • I would really LOVE to use microfiber cloths! However, I find that I cannot stand that they stick to my fingers – does this happen to anyone else? Almost like my skin is too dry – but they don’t look or feel like it. Just wondering…

    Promote your business while you celebrate the stars & stripes! Customers will be constantly reminded of your company when they use this patriotic custom printed microfiber cloth.

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    I get the same feeling when using microfiber cloths. It makes you feel like it is lifting up your skin cells. I do still use them, my gripe is that I have to pick out bits of stuff after I launder them, there is a lot of sawdust, wood chips, and craft moss at my house- they hold on to microfiber for dear life!

    Wesleyan Microfiber Cloth 6" x 6" in Pouch
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    Microfiber Cloth - 6" x 7"
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  • One down point to microfiber is that it is SO very good at picking up (and holding onto) dirt and grease that the cloths frequently become stained. Higher grade microfiber (like e-cloth – which recently won a bunch of “best of” awards in REAL SIMPLE magazine) can be boiled which opens up the fibers and releases more dirt. e-cloth also has scientific testing results showing that they pick up over 99.9% of bacteria () . This is NOT true for all microfiber cloths. I’ve posted a lot of information about how to clean and care for your microfiber on my blog () – if anyone is interested.

I can’t wait to buy some microfiber cloths!!!

[…] precise hand clean-up observes extensively cleansing upper hands as well as hard to reach sections. Microfiber cloths are utilized to firmly catch any type of staying dirt & particles. Considering that of their […]