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  • As the world becomes smaller, the presence of U.S. military forces in foreign countries is likely to continue. The ongoing military engagements in both Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us that U.S. troops stationed abroad are attractive targets for hostile governments, organizations, and individuals. A safe food supply is a core cap ability required for sustaining a military presence in a foreign country. While there are limited examples of attempts to poison the military food supply, 1,2 one cannot ignore the fact that contaminated food could rapidly and effectively reduce the combat readiness of American forces.

    Placing control of the food supply in the hands of the military could, however, lead to a different variety of corruption. , food smugglers have been bribing border guards and National Guard soldiers to allow them safe passages from Colombia to hungry Venezuelans looking to buy food off the black market. The result of ramping up a military presence on the border while not allowing civilians to cross to shops in Colombia has been a boom for military food supplies and the black market.

We assembled our MREs—which contain 100 percent U.S