- The adapter is made for the Mini SD Card.

If you need to use a microSD card in something that only accepts a miniSD card, you can buy an adapter for a small amount of money.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter, Grey/Red, Standard Packaging (SDSQUNC-064G-GN6MA)

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  • With 1080p capabilities, the GoPro Hero3 Video Camera records clean, clear HD video onto Mini SD Cards. Our Gopro Camera rental comes with numerous mounting options and accessories, all packaged in a rugged waterproof travel case.

    5. Open up your computer’s Start menu. Click on the “My Computer” icon. Scroll down through the list of drives on your computer and find the drive letter that corresponds to your mini SD card.

  • 1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Go to Administrative tools
    3. Go to Computer management
    4. From the tree menu on the left select Disk Management
    5. Now on the right side you will have a list of all storage devices connected to your computer. Select the one that is your mini SD card. BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING THIS BECAUSE YOU COULD FORMAT YOUR HARDDRIVE. Double check the name in My Computer
    6. Right click on the SD card and select format. A new window will pop up showing format options. Select FAT32 from the file system drop down and check the quick format option and then click on OK
    7. Enjoy your mini SD card without that annoying write protection

    More than ever, mobile phones are capable of taking pictures, storing music or recording video. Often these files can be sizeable and quickly fill the storage on the device. Many of these electronics have areas for memory cards. The most common format for mobile device memory cards is the mini . While more diminutive in appearance, the mini SD card is just as capable as its big brother, the SD card.

    Mini MicroSD Card Reader USB-to-MicroUSB Adapter
    Snap hook Attachment Ring

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2GB Mini SD/TF Card BLH-TFE007 - China Mini Sd/Tf Card, Mini Sd Card

This Mini SD Card model was drawn in native Solidworks 2009 format. Click below to download the 3D Solidworks Mini SD Card model. This 3d model has been provided in multiple file formats.