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  • well all of you who has problems with the mini digital camera its quite normal to have problems with the camera installation but all you gotta do is first you install your disk that the camera came with then if your comp. dont restart automatically then Restart your computer manually then when the comp. turns off take out the disk...After removing disk hook up your USB cable then make sure you mini digital camera has pictures on it and make sure its off...After connect the USB cable to your camera then it shall take a few moments because it has to install the camera so when the camera is finished installing click on MY CAMERA it should tell you connecting to camera if you still have trouble with the camera email me...k bye rayray

    i just got a Innovage Mini Digital Camera but i dont have the Software Cd ..does anyone know where i can get it ? or does anyone have the software? i've looked everywhere on the internet i cant find anything.
    If anyone knows i'd apprecitate it
    thanks in advance

  • Hi, everyone! I just bought the ViVitar mini Digital Camera and then realized that I don't have a working cd drive to run the software. PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE if anyone knows where I can download the software could you please email me @ with Vivitar in the subject? I would really appreaciate it if there is anyone who can help. I know it is only a $10 camera but my daughter was excited when we got it. Thanks!!!!!

    i bought that vivitar mini digital camera it came whit a disc and everything i installed the software but when i go to marscam it doesnt work i read all the instructoins but nothing so isay if theres anyone out there who can heilp me ill be glad if u help so so please im begging you please help me

  • I bought the Vivitar mini digital camera from Walgreens in Feb 2008. I installed the drivers, got the restart computer command and did it. When I used to USB to link the camera to my laptop I got a message saying the installation failed. I pulled out the USB and my $1200.00 lap top went poof. The mother board fried according to the computer techs where I take my computers. They would not say it was Vivitar's fault, but did say they would not use that stuff on another computer.

Anyone seen the Vivitar Mini Digital Camera

my friend gave me a vivitar mini digital cam with the chord but no instrutions... n is there supposed be a cd that comes with it????? well if so i dont have it can i go to a certian site n download it from there???? plz help thanks