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Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel

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  • I would actually give this mixer to my mother, who after having back surgery, could really use one! We will however, be making all of her mother’s classic recipes for Christmas-german chocolate cake, buckeyes, and date-nut fingers!

    I will make fab homemade marshmellows for my family for Christmas, it would make it easier since you have to whip them for 15 minutes and my hand mixer doesnt like to always be my friend when I am mixing them.

  • I am going to try to make something simple yet delicious. I’m fairly new to baking so I’m going to perfect the basics, like the chocolate chip cookie. Seems so simple, but it’s a hard one to perfect. Considering I have to spin my current mixer by hand, naturally it would be nice to have one that rotates on it’s own

    I would may my wonderful, tasty, delicious homemade pretzels. My poor mixer is on it’s last legs and I’ve been trying to go easy on it until spring time (tax refund time) to replace it. Of course I planned on replacing it with the exact model shown here! Thanks for the chance!

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    Stirrers are very robust, and generally withstand the demanding laboratory routine. However, in general, they should still be handled with care and users should always follow the instructions in the user’s manual. To ensure those directions are followed, lab managers must properly train staff in the handling of stirrers or mixers.

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    wow!! The first thing I will make is my mom’s old divinity recipe. I have tried it several times and burned up 2 mixers so I just quit trying. This big boy looks like he could whip that divinity shame!
    Thanks for all you offer including your recipes, time and talent.

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I’m going to make a delicious gluten free honey and oat bread. It is amazing! I’ve been wanting a mixer forever, but they are just so darn expensive! I think it would make this recipe SO SO SO much easier. THANKS!