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  • Garmin Mobile 20 makes it easy to add GPS navigation and hands-free calling to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. To get started, visit our for pricing, compatibility and to purchase a customized Garmin Mobile 20 package for your phone. Next, just insert the included data card in your phone, place your phone in the mount and start navigating.

    With Garmin Mobile 20’s wireless technology, you can talk on your phone safely via the smart mount’s built-in speaker and microphone. Easily look-up and dial numbers from your phone's address book or the extensive points of interest database — including hotels, restaurants, stores, attractions and more.

  • Make your smartphone even smarter with Garmin Mobile 20 — a GPS and Bluetooth® wireless package that includes a phone mount and datacard with plug-and-play maps and navigation software.

    You can start planning a trip in a number of ways, including entering a specific address, picking a point of interest (POI), selecting a recently entered location, or choosing a name from your phone's Contacts list. If you don't need guidance, you can just have the Garmin Mobile 20 track your movements by tapping View Map, or if you're completely lost, you can go to Tools > "Where am I?" to get your current location (nearest address and coordinates) and nearest major intersections. As with the automotive units, the Mobile 20 can generate directions by fastest time, shortest distance, or off road; in car, pedestrian, or bicycle mode, among others; and you can instruct it to avoid certain road types, such as toll roads and highways. The system also features route simulation, automatic route recalculation, a detour function, and traffic alerts via Garmin Online. Just be aware that the latter requires that you have a data plan for your phone to access the information.

  • Get the most out of your smartphone and Garmin Mobile 20 by adding Garmin Online — free and subscription wireless data services for Garmin Mobile customers with Internet access on their phones. With Garmin Online real-time services, you can route around traffic tie-ups, receive alerts as you approach safety cameras, view the local forecast, find the cheapest gas prices near you, plus much more.

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If there's one area where the Garmin Mobile 20 falters, it's in the design and setup. Unlike the Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit, where all the pieces are neatly integrated into the cradle, the Garmin Mobile 20 requires a bit of assembly and doesn't boast quite the same streamlined design as the Palm kit. On the one hand, Garmin conveniently built the GPS receiver, speaker, and car charger into the cradle, but then you have to attach six different plastic pieces to the backboard of the cradle that act as the arms for holding your smart phone in place. It's not particularly hard; you just have to slide the posts along the left, right, and bottom edges. It just requires a bit more setup time, and it doesn't look as pretty as the Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit, but it's certainly not a deal-breaker. Plus, the Garmin Mobile 20 accommodates a number of Palm and Windows Mobile smart phones, whereas the Palm accessory only handles the and .