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Country Spoon Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate 34 oz.

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  • They believe the ruby red pigments in Montmorency tart cherry juice, known as proanthocyanidins, also play a role. These natural polyphenolic compounds are especially abundant in Montmorency tart cherries. In the study, Montmorency tart cherry juice helped to increase the availability of tryptophan, an essential amino acid and a precursor to serotonin that helps with sleep. The juice was shown in cells to inhibit an enzyme (indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase) that degrades tryptophan. Tryptophan degradation is a known predictor of insomnia and is also related to inflammation, said co-authors Jack Losso and John Finley, professors in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

    “Even though the amount of tryptophan in Montmorency tart cherry juice is smaller than a normal dose given to aid sleep, the compounds in Montmorency tart cherries could prevent the tryptophan from breaking down so it’s able to work in the body more effectively,” Greenway explained. “These compounds may help to improve tryptophan bioavailability for serotonin synthesis, which could have a positive effect on sleep. Increasing serotonin also helps improve mood and decrease inflammation.”

  • Greenway believes it’s the unique combination of melatonin and tryptophan in Montmorency tart cherries that is likely contributing to the sleep benefits. He and his colleagues conclude that drinking a glass of Montmorency tart cherry juice in the morning and the evening may be a better and a safer way to treat insomnia.

    , /PRNewswire/ -- Montmorency tart cherry juice may be a promising new recovery aid for soccer players following a game or intense practice. A new study published in found Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate aided recovery among eight semi-professional male soccer players following a test that simulated the physical and metabolic demands of a soccer game. The U.K. research team, led by Glyn Howatson at Northumbria University, conducted this double-blind, placebo-controlled study to identify the effects of Montmorency tart cherry juice on recovery among a new population of athletes following prolonged, intermittent exercise.

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    "Previous research on Montmorency tart cherry juice has examined recovery following muscle damaging protocols such as heavy weight training, long-distance running or cycling, but there are no studies that have used sport-specific activity to cause the exercise stress," Howatson said. "This is surprising given that many teams in professional and international soccer and rugby already use Montmorency tart cherry juice to aid recovery."

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These data support previous research showing similar results for athletes performing marathon running, high-intensity strength training, cycling, and metabolic exercise. The new findings suggest Montmorency tart cherry juice may benefit athletes involved in prolonged, repeat sprint activity, such as soccer, rugby, and lacrosse.