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James Bond 50th Anniversary! Lotus Esprit - Motorised Light & Sound. Car size approx 15cm (The Spy Who Loved Me)

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  • That’s why it is vital that parents take every possible precaution to ensure that these motorized toys are operated safely. This includes making sure the toys are age-appropriate for their children and always keeping an eye on their kids while they are playing with these toys. Children should wear helmets at all times, and be strapped in if the toy comes with a safety belt. In addition, the child must be able to use the braking system properly (which may require seat adjustments). Most importantly, these motorized toy vehicles should never be driven in the street – even a residential one with little traffic. Instead, the toys should remain on sidewalks in backyards, and on lawns or driveways.

    This Article is enacted to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Northglenn through the prohibition of the use of motorized toys, motorized electric vehicles and unlicensed vehicles on all City streets, roadways, and sidewalks, and in other areas where posted.

  • Many of these inland dunes are administered by the boondocking-friendly Bureau of Land Management. Others may be controlled by state Department of Natural Resource offices or a similar government agency. The majority of these dunes permit free camping and the use of off road vehicles. Not only can you to boondock, catch some rays and run your toes through the sand, but you can take your motorized toys out and provide them a little exercise too. With the off road crowd being weekend warriors, you will typically have the dunes all to yourself during the week.

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