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One of the most basic do-it-yourself live-capture mouse traps is the bucket trap.
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  • With several different removal methods and a wide variety of mouse traps available, the mouse removal method is a matter of your personal preference. Here are a few tips on choosing a mouse trap.

    The traditional wooden mouse snap trap is a very effective tool for trapping a mouse. While obviously lethal, mouse snap traps are inexpensive and arguably as humane for controlling mice as the other lethal methods such as using poisonous baits or glue traps.

  • Check the mouse snap traps every morning, and always wear latex gloves when handling the mouse snap traps: mice carry parasites and pathogens such as fleas and ticks, so dispose the remains quickly and properly. Disinfect the area with a household cleaner.

    The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap delivers a high-voltage shock to eliminate mice in less than 5 seconds. Killing up to 100 mice per set of batteries (4AA), this trap is a great value. Easy to use, the trap is simply baited, placed against the wall and turned on. The trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the units. Once the rodent is inside, the system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock to effectively kill the mouse. A green light blinks to indicate capture and a red light blinks to indicate low batteries. Rodents can then be dumped directly into the trash for no-touch, no-view mouse control. The trap features a built-in safety switch that automatically deactivates the trap whenever its door is open. Additionally, its unique tunnel design prevents kids and pets from reaching into the trap. This patented tunnel design also prevents any escapes by holding mice in place over the electrified plates. Safe for use anywhere in the home, Victor Electronic Mouse Traps can be used for years to ensure effective mouse control.

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    Mice carry parasites and pathogens such as fleas and ticks. Wear latex gloves when handling the mouse traps and carcasses, and discard the remains quickly and properly. Keep mouse traps away from pets and out of the reach of small children.

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One of the more common methods of is known as a mouse glue trap. These sticky mouse traps are designed to be cost effective and low maintenance when compared with more hands on methods such as the application of . Because they are non-toxic, mouse glue traps are an attractive option for those with small children or pets who might find themselves accidentally exposed to the more powerful or potentially dangerous methods of rodent elimination.