:Non-lethal mousetraps show your fondness for rodents

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Mousetraps are also used to demonstrate the principle of a chain reaction.

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  • The base of the previous trap will eventually get splintered where the hold-down bar isjammed into it. Using a staple to hold the end of the hold-down bar increases the usefullife of the mousetrap.

    Imagine a gymnasium full of mousetraps. On each mousetrap is a ping pong ball. Now throw a single ping pong ball into the middle of the room. The ball lands on a trap, the trap triggers, and a second ball flies into the air. The first ball also bounces into the air again, so now there are two balls in the air. Each of those two balls triggers another trap, so there's four balls in the air. And so on...

  • This experiment is a well-known metaphor for nuclear fission. In nuclear fission, atoms of fissionable material such as uranium are the "mousetraps", and neutrons are the ping pong balls.

    A recent article by Joachim Dagg () reviews the history of actual mousetraps, showing that they did indeed "evolve" from simple to more complex through time, including mousetraps that were similar to the modern snap mousetrap but had fewer parts.

  • - Currently both a released ball and a bouncing ball travel the same maximum distance, but in reality the mousetrap would likely send the released ball much farther. Change the model so these different distances are controlled by two different sliders.

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A mousetrap is a stellar example of converting potential energy to kinetic energy. The spring of the mousetrap is held back with a bunch of potential energy and, once released, snaps forward in a burst of kinetic energy. What if you could harness the release of energy to power a car? We'll show you how with the Mousetraps in Motion experiment.