Mrs Meyers Cleaning, my favorite.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day, Dryer Sheet Lmn Verbena, 80 PC

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, Basil, 12.5 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3)

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  • Mrs Meyer's Apple Liquid Hand Soap (I absolutely love Mrs Meyer's Hand Soaps. They work very well without stripping the natural oils from your hands.)

    Oh, and as a side not–sometimes they have the Mrs Meyers products all grouped together in the store–in my local store they are all shelved together in the aisle with the cleaning products–even the laundry detergent is there.

  • Thanks for this post. I joined grove last time you had a special offer and I am now hooked on Grove and Mrs Meyers products. I can’t wait to try the peony scent and the glass spray bottle. I really wanted the spray bottle but my budget wouldn’t allow me to buy an $11 sprayer. Thanks to you I can get it for free (and maybe some beautiful flowers as well). Thanks again. Have an amazing day.

    So next time you are in Walmart check out the Mrs Meyers cleaning products. Every store should be stocking the Mrs Meyers liquid hand soaps but not all of them have the cleaning products. You can use to see if the Walmart near you carries the products you are most interested in.

  • See? Mrs Meyers is not only a great product, but they are very clever folks with well thought out products and packaging! Here’s another example from the –the have a “time to go shopping” mark on the bottle to remind you that when the level reaches that point you should add it to your shopping list!

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Mrs Meyer S Clean Day Scent ..

A few weeks ago Walmart sent me some of the to try. I’ve used Mrs Meyers hand soap before–I really enjoy the lovely scents and the fact that all their products are earth friendly as well: