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From the inside and outside, the nabi DreamTab is a strong kids tablet.
nabi 2S Tablet
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The makers of the kid-friendly Nabi tablets have started thinking even bigger -- think TV-sized.

nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet (Wi-Fi Enabled)

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  • The nabi Jr. is one of the few that functions like a full-featured tablet. This nabi tablet is also very much geared toward education and growing with your child. You'll find plenty of features to keep your young one entertained, and with most every activity on this tablet geared toward education, you don't have to feel guilty about letting your kid play with it for hours.

    Then there's the Fire HD6 and the iPad mini, either of which you could quite happily use when your child isn't. Here it's a decision between the Freetime service and managed cost of the Fire HD6 compared to the app selection of the iPad. There's also the elephant-sized tablet in the room, the Nabi Big Tab. This could be for you if you want a family tablet which brings you together to play like a board game ... just don't expect your child to be carrying it around with them.

  • A neat feature of this children's tablet is the camera. It can only take 2MP photos and 720p video, but it flips 180-degrees. So, instead of two cameras, you get one that will swivel between front and back. The nabi tablet features a Drop-Safe bumper to protect the device from bumps and drops and even sticky fingers. Some of the downsides of this tablet are the battery and customer service. The battery life is only around five hours, and it takes about that long to charge it. Customer service is often directed toward Facebook, which can be off-putting to some. But, overall, this is a great gadget for your child.

    Children between six and nine are going to be best served by one of the more grown-up devices in our selection, and it will come down to which features appeal most to you and them. It could be that a combination of content and parent controls of the Nabi DreamTab swing it for you, or maybe the motion-sensing games of Kurio Tab will send you in that direction.

  • Tucked in the box are the Nabi tablet, a charger (5V DC), and a micro-USB cable along with some simple documentation that’s almost not needed. The Power button is labeled and most all of the ports and buttons are also labeled with text or an easily recognizable icon (for you, maybe not for kids). After turning on the Nabi, you’ll be led through a short registration process that took me less than two minutes to complete. I registered my name, my son’s name, my relationship to him (Dad), and provided his gender and birthdate along with a password that is used to access the Settings feature of the Android device. Don’t lose that password! Without it, you will not be able to go in and configure things like new WiFi settings, power options, and other Android OS settings that you may or may not familiar with. But it is nice to know that the Nabi is basically locked down for Decker and he won’t be able to tinker or purchase things without it.

Nabi tablets grow to big screen-sized displays - USA TODAY

"We are so pleased to introduce the nabi Big Tab line of products and are excited about the implications as a new category of family tablets. We were simply amazed at how Big Tab's larger format transformed our interactions with our children, family gatherings and made the tablet experience easier for seniors," said Jim Mitchell, CEO. "We are hopeful, that everyone will fall in love with Big Tab like we have."