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When choosing a neck pillow, you’ll want to look for features including:

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue

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  • All these features are found in Sunshine Pillows neck pillows. Our pillows are recommended by doctors with patients needing a travel neck pillow.

    At Sunshine Pillows, we want to wow you with the best neck travel pillows available. We have many affordable travel neck pillow options, from the , to the . Search all our neck pillow options . But don’t hesitate to — we can’t wait to help.

  • A neck pillow fits around the neck area, with a deep depression to cradle the head and with extra padding under the neck. Wearing a neck pillow helps prevent the head from falling too far to one side, alleviating pressure on one side of your neck that works to keep the head up. Because neck pillows are helpful in keeping the neck in alignment with the spine, they’re not only great for travel, but they’re great for everyday activities such as watching TV in your recliner.

    Lewis N Clark’s Adjustable Neck Pillow is just what you need to gear up and go. The On Air patented valve technology makes for easy inflation and deflation. Perfect for long flights.

    Inflatable Memory Pillow

    Uses a hand held bulb that you control to adjust the memory foam air pressure for a custom neck support!

    Inflatable Memory Pillow Details

    Neck Support Pillow

    A fiber filled support pillow with a unique shape and a down like feel helps alleviate neck pain and even snoring!

    Neck Support Pillow Details

    Sleep Apnea Pillow

    A comfortable and functional memory foam sleep apnea pillow. Designed to fit any CPAP Mask!

    Sleep Apnea Pillow Details

  • Neck Roll Pillow

    Neck roll pillow uses memory foam for comfort and a microwavable hot/cold pack for pain relief!

    Neck Roll Pillow Details

    A neck pillow not only helps you stay comfortable during long flights or car rides — it can help people with cervical spine problems and facial pain feel better and prevent injuries. A neck travel pillow that’s designed by doctors, like the ones from Sunshine Pillows, provides support where your body needs it most. Our team carefully considers body needs and provides a wide variety of customized, ergonomic travel pillows for your neck, whether you’re looking for extra support or you’re tall and can’t seem to find a pillow that fits your needs.

Buy Foam Neck Support Pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond

These supportive neck pillows are great for long car trips or plane rides too. The strain of sitting for a long time is eased with a comfortable support in just the right place, like your neck.