You wouldn't think a movie called Need For Speed would feel so slow.

You wouldn't think a movie called Need For Speed would feel so slow.

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  • Need for Speed (2015) is the twenty-second title in the developed by in Gothenburg, Sweden; Guildford, England; and Bucharest, Romania as well as , and Visceral Games using the Frostbite 3 engine.

    It’s best to think of Need for Speed: Rivals as a thrill ride. Get on, scream, plead to go faster, and it will. It has some of the best car chases around, and they’ve never looked so chaotically beautiful as they do on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if you’ve not played a lot of Hot Pursuit or Most Wanted, it charms will be much more alluring. I was looking for more explorations, depth, and variety, and in this department Rivals is slightly wanting, though it’s innovative approach to incorporating multiplayer does just enough to compensate.

  • If nothing else, being a cop becomes a more attractive proposition when it’s your friends that need busting. Structurally, Rivals’ multiplayer becomes a seamless part of its single-player experience, allowing up to six players to race with or against each other in the same world. You can all be cops, hunting down AI racers, or run from the fuzz together, or even a mixture of the two. You can go head-to-head or do your own thing, until the map brings you together. There are no rules, and it’s enjoyably freeform, though perhaps the size of the map and relatively small number of players allowed is slightly at odds (but somewhat fixed by using fast travel to meet up). Also, for the sake of balance and fairness, it takes much longer to wreck an opponent's car. I also missed some of Most Wanted’s more imaginative multiplayer objectives, like who can pull the longest donut.

    It features deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive plot. The overall focus is on deeper levels of car culture than any previous Need for Speed title, and is centred around the player's car.

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