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  • What distinguishes new Elite LCD TVs from many others is Intelligent Variable Contrast that spans deep black to the purest white. Other TVs use only RGB (red, green, and blue) pixels to create the multitude of colors that we see on screen, but Elite enriches it with the addition of yellow pixels to the standard RGB palette. Full array LED backlight technology produces a significantly brighter and richer image. With its 3D capability, these new Elit’s TVs, will provide you picturesque and realistically experience. In addition, every Elite LCD TV is THX and ISF certified.

    Mitsubishi introduced two new Digital Cable Ready, high definition LCD flat panel televisions. The line-up is highlighted by a new 37-inch HDTV with true high definition 1920 x 1080p panel resolution. Mitsubishi's LCD TVs include Plush imaging to deliver an unmatched perfect picture every time and ClearThought technology to make it easy to watch TV. (We believe Mitsubishi may have more trademarked names for its technologies than Microsoft.)

    > The new 32-inch LT-3280 and 37-inch LT-3780 feature Mitsubishi's SuperBright continuous backlighting system. The SuperBright high density lamp system provides highly uniform corner-to-corner brightness and images that don't wash out regardless of room lighting conditions. Both LCD HDTVs include Mitsubishi's PerfectColor technology enabling the viewer to create the perfect color palette through six-way independent color control. These models also incorporate Mitsubishi's proprietary Plush imaging, an upconversion system for sharp edges and blur-free images. Additionally, the LT-3780 includes Plush1080p, an advanced 1080i-to-1080p deinterlace algorithm providing high definition images of stunning clarity.

    The LT-3280 and LT-3780 feature a Digital Cable Ready HDTV tuner with CableCARD slot and a comprehensive array of video and audio inputs including two IEEE1394 connectors, two HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs and two S-video inputs. Dual HDMI inputs provide the ultimate in future connectivity for digital set-top boxes including high definition digital cable, satellite and video playerrecorders. The LT-3280 and LT-3780 also include a multi-format memory card reader for digital picture display or to play digital audio files.

    Like other Mitsubishi high definition TVs, these new LCD TVs utilize ClearThought technology for ease of use. ClearThought includes simple-to-use features such as TV Guide On Screen programming guide and NetCommand, Mitsubishi's proprietary home theater operation system which allows users to set up and control components using simple on-screen icons. The 32-inch and 37-inch sets come with removable swivel stands that complement the all black finish of the 80 series cosmetics. Both models also come with a separate media center for convenient and uncluttered installation. A standard, high quality 15-foot HDMI cable is included with the unit.

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  • Some manufacturers release one new TV at a time, others release a single line of 4 or 5 TVs, not Sharp: they just announced a massive 22 new LCD TVs ranging from a little 26″ GX5 up to a humongous 65″ RX5.

    Found in the newest LCD TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and others, quantum dots hold the promise of better color reproduction, better energy efficiency, and more. Here's what they are and how they'll work.

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  • No details regarding the pricing of the new AQUOS LCD HDTVs have been provided just yet, but Sharp was kind enough to tell us just when we should expect these new models to arrive on the market, namely over the course of February (the LC-42D69U and the LC-32D59U), March (LC-32LE430U) and April 2011 (the LC-60LE632U and LC-19LE430U).

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