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Will My Ninja Costume Ship Quickly?

California Costumes Stealth Ninja Toddler Costume, 4-6

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  • Dragon Ninja Assassin Mens Costume This Fierce-Some Warrior is bringing the ancient and lost art of Ninjitsu to the 21st Century! He's trained in and mastered the disciplines of melee combat, weaponry, disguise, stealth, and more...In ancient Feudal Japan, nobles and warlords in need of flawless spies and hit men were more than willing to pay a Ninja's hefty fees in exchange for getting the job done, flawlessly! Over time, tales of the Ninja Warrior's abilities and skills became the stuff of myth and legends; some claiming that they possessed inhuman and extraordinary abilities like walking on water and shape-shifting. It's no shock then that Ninja have been featured so prominently in Popular Culture! Now you can stalk your targets in style when you don this Classic Dragon Ninja Assassin Costume.

    In a word: Authenticity. Our in-house ninja costumes are all constructed using real ninja gis. That's right. No cheapo materials that will fall apart during trick-or-treating. All of our ninja costumes use our top-selling as the costume itself. That means your child is getting a 100% authentic ninja outfit that will last for many, many Halloweens! We then pair up our ninja uniform with a unique ninja weapon set to create a unique costume guaranteed to make other ninjas jealous!

  • Dragon Ninja Adult Plus Size Costume Dragon Ninja Adult Plus Size Costume includes striking, Asian-motif ninja costume complete with pink and black tunic dress, sleevelets, printed footless tights with Oriental lettering detail and headband. This sexy Ninja Costume for women is available in adult plus size (16-22W). Ninjas have never looked so good!

    The ninja costume is pretty easy to put together, just be sure to buy everything you need at least a week before Halloween. If you don't want to use a black t-shirt for the mask, you could use a ski mask as an alternative. Have a happy Halloween!

  • Ninja costumes even if black from head to toe, can have elements of color in the overall look. While a black belt is a popular choice, how about choosing a fiery red? And instead of going for the masked look, how about tying a black bandanna around your forehead and painting a series of Japanese alphabets in white across its front? There are a ton of ways that you can tweak your look without coming off as an ordinary ninja. Here are the key pieces that you'll need to put together the ninja look:

Real ninja costumes for adults and kids

Ninja costumes are one of Halloween's must haves. Children love the speed and strength of ninjas. Why not dress your little ones up like the ones they admire so much? Not only do ninja costumes make the perfect Halloween costume, but they also let your kids have fun all year long with sleepovers, play dates, and clowning around at home. From Ninja Turtle costumes, Naruto ninjas, to phantom ninjas, the possibilities are endless. Kids ninja costumes will bring excitement into your home and to trick or treating this year.