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Best Teeth Whitening Kit : Mouth Trays, Four Tubes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel (Made in the USA) Highest Quality Whitening Gel at the Lowest Possible Price

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  • In addition to their lab-made custom teeth whitening trays, NovaWhite offers something called a "Go Kit". These utilize "boil and bite" plastic molds for your teeth that you can make at home. They're far less comfortable or durable as the professional lab-made teeth whitening trays, but can be used if you need whitening in a hurry. They come with a convenient carrying case, but keep inmind these are more of a temporary solutionas these teeth whitening trays will wear out and will need to be replaced.

    The teeth whitening gel and custom trays are guaranteed to whiten your teeth to your satisfaction - or your money back. NovaWhite also offers two different gel strengths - 10% and 22%. We suggest you try the more powerful 22% strength first; if you try it and your gumsare too sensitive, you can always use the 10% strength instead.

  • NovaWhite offers a strong, effective, and affordable teeth whitening system. Their gel is pure, without fillers, and they stand behind their product with a risk-free money back guarantee. If you want to safely whiten your teeth and save hundreds of dollars in the process, NovaWhite should be your first stop. They earn our highest rating.

    Once you receive your custom-made trays you're ready to begin. Carbamide Peroxide, the gel used by NovaWhite, is the most effective and safest teeth whitening gel on the market. Carbamide Peroxide is FDA accepted and does not include any dangerous fillers that many other companies use in their products. The custom fitted mouthpiece and gel should be worn from 15 minutes to 1 hour each day until you'resatisfied with how white your teeth look. Users generally see noticeable teeth whitening after just a few applications, and desired results occur after 20 to 40 hours of the bleaching process.

  • NovaWhite offers a comprehensive teeth whitening system that includes real lab-made custom teeth whitening trays. This all-inclusive system provides everything you need to get great results but at a fraction of the price your dentist would charge.

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Nova White differs from many other tooth whitening systems in that it allows the customer to use a custom fitted tray for a more effective treatment. To do this, the company supplies the consumer with the materials to make an impression of their teeth which is then sent to a lab that in turn, produces the customized tray. Even though the turnaround time for this process is fast (taking approximately between 2-5 business days), temporary trays are provided for the customer to use in the meantime.