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  • BeGone is a 3D browser based, massively multiplayer, shooter game, which is developed and published by NPlay games. The game is very simple and the objective of the game is to eliminate the enemy team before the time runs out. Even though the game does not offer a wide variety of game modes and maps but it surely provides intense gaming experience to the players. Players receive money on killing enemies as well as winning rounds, which can be used to buy advanced weapons as well as equipments. The game is free to play and players can easily play it after installing the required plug-ins.
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  • NPlay’s BeGone is a classic online first person shooter reminiscent of games like Counter Strike. There are six available maps, each of which can be played with up to 16 players (although a lower limit can be set). Two game modes are available: elimination, which is essentially a team death-match game, and sabotage.

    NPlay must feel somewhat proud at the moment with their recently released 3D, browser-based, first-person shooter, . The game is currently live and available to play, right from the very comfort of your web browser.

    File Information

    NPLAY(music) plays a tune on the speakers using the nsound function to create pitch vectors for each note and MATLAB's sound function to play
    the notes on the speakers. Each row of the cell array music represents one note to be played, and the duration to play it. The notes are specified using standard English notation, e.g., C, D#, etc. Supported notes are those recognized by nsound.m. Can you thing of a more convenient write short musical tunes? Contact me.

    MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
    Other requirements nsound.m (also in this category)

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    A portion of the proceeds from the album will go to the ‘nPlay Foundation, a charity that aims to end childhood obesity by implementing physical education programs in schools across the nation.

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