1x Base NutriBullet PRO 900 avec moteur 900 Watt

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NutriBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer, 9-piece Set

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  • We are unboxing the new nutribullet pro 900 series model. 900 watts of power and 25,000 rpms compared to the original that has 600 watts. The pro series also comes with two blades and four cups including a big 32 oz cup with a sporty flip top so you can take it on the go. Purchase NUTRIBULLET 900

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    One lucky winner will receive a NutriBullet Pro 900 Series. Value of $129.99. All you have to do is enter below for your chance to win. The giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada only. This will run from 9/8-9/22/2014. Good luck to everyone. You can also head over to Kathy’s Savings to check out her on the NutriBullet.

  • The NutriBullet 900 series held its own against the comparable , even besting it in a few stress test categories. It also comes with more accessories, though at its $130 price point, you're paying an extra $40 above the Nutri Ninja that offers the same 900 watts of power. The NutriBullet proves the best multitasker among the single-serving-focused blenders we've tested, but only just so. It's also worth noting that found that the blades of the 900 series break when put under stress. We couldn't replicate that result on our test unit, but even aside from that potential safety concern, I'd still recommend the Nutri Ninja or the $40 blenders for their superior value and comparable results.

    The original $90 NutriBullet came with 12 pieces and a 600-watt motor. We tested the upgraded version, the $130 NutriBullet Pro 900 Series with 15 pieces. Both models are widely available here in the States. Shop for either on , or , , , , and other major retailers of small appliances. The original NutriBullet is also available in the UK for £100, and the upgraded model for £150 from . While not currently available in Australia, the upgraded model is available for preorder from some online retailers for about AU$280.

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    Hi, Nutribullet Pro 900 Series, which country this product is made? Cheers

  • When testing for long-term durability, Consumer Reports found that the blades of the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series tended to break under extended high-pressure use. They ran 45 tests in which they blend seven large cubes of ice to simulate long-term wear and tear. The blades broke or splintered on two separate models.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Series : Target

The Nutribullet Rx is Nutribullet’s latest blender offering. It features a more powerful motor than the Nutribullet or the Nutribullet 900 and it adds a heating element for making hot soup. The soup feature is something that people have been asking for, so that addition makes the Rx a rather attractive option. Nutribullet Rx reviews, however, have been a bit ...