Pampers Easy Ups (left) Huggies Pull-Ups (right)

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Pampers Boys Easy Ups Training Underwear, Size 5 (3T-4T), 72 Count

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  • Pampers Easy Ups can help the diaper-to-underwear transition by allowing potty-training toddlers to stop wearing diapers and wear something with more of an underwear-like design that still helps keep accidental messes off clothing, bedding and other surfaces no matter whether they happen at home, on-the-go or overnight.

    Since I have a newborn at home to take care of, I really don’t have the time or energy to clean up accidental messes all over the house – shampooing carpets, mopping floors, washing bedding every day. That sounds like an awful lot of work that can be spared just by using Pampers Easy Ups for potty training!

  • I’m really excited to start potty training Kayleigh now, with the help of Pampers Easy Ups. I really think that they will help make the transition so much easier for both of us.

    To help with the potty training transition, I’m stocking up on Pampers Easy Ups. I’m choosing to use Pampers Easy Ups before training pants, because it can be confusing to toddlers to switch between diapers and training pants throughout the day and night.

  • When it came to potty training Hayden, he was closer to 4 years old and it was actually not that hard as we did it in a whole weekend. For Olivia and Evie, they are only two but they are SO ready to be potty trained. They tell me when they just went to the bathroom, they follow me in the bathroom all the time and beg to sit on the toilet themselves. Since they are obviously ready, I thought we would kick off our potty training adventure – and it IS an adventure – with a party thanks to Pampers Easy Ups!

training makes sense with Pampers Easy Ups training pants

Pampers Easy Ups Trainers helps potty training make sense during the day and protects against leaks at night. The Feel n' Learn Liner and graphic wetness indicator lets toddlers know when they're wet, so they can learn to stay dry. They are designed for toddlers or preschoolers ready for potty training.Comfort on-the-go is crucial for your little one. The super-stretchy sides of Pampers Easy Ups Trainers make them easy to pull up and down when using the potty.