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Passap Cut and Sew Collars and Bands

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  • All things being equal; if you are serious about machine knitting and are looking for flexibility, production capacity and incredible workmanship, at least one of the Passup Knitting Machines will probably be your final choice.

    There is a bit of a learning curve for the Passup Knitting Machines but nothing that cannot be overcome by someone who has worked with automated knitting machines in the past. If you have not, it may take a little more patience and a little more time but you can still master the Passup without too many headaches and generally without breaking anything. While it may be difficult at first, once you have learned the subtle nuances of these machines, you have found your mark, you are already set and you are definitely ready to go.

  • Many of the Passup Machines come fully equipped to deal with multiple types of yarn all the way down to lace and all the way up to the chunky yarns so popular for sweaters, caps and mittens. If you are looking for one single knitting machine that can create an entire ensemble than Passup Knitting Machines are definitely among the ones you want to examine closely. They may be a bit expensive for those who are new to the world of knitting but if you are looking for an all around incredible machine, then Passup has something in your league.

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  • The Passap Knitting Machines are one of the most diverse and flexible models insofar as the different threads that they will handle, the materials that you can create and the styles of knitting that you can perform with them. They are a bit on the pricey side but if you are and want a machine that can keep up with your pace and the ever-changing pace of a growing knitting business, the Passup Knitting Machines are an excellent value and a very high-quality knitting machine to add to your production floor.

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SOCK YARN CIRCULAR HAT for Passap Duomatic Knitting Machine or any knitting machine that knits circular. Sock Yarn, 100 gm. Suggested: Berroco Sox, Online Supersocke