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Find out where to get a passport photo taken. List of places where you can get passport pictures to submit with application.

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  • iReporter Kayla Strauss weighed about 400 pounds when her passport photo was taken four years ago. She's lost 240 pounds since then, prompting comments from Border Patrol agents when she recently returned from a trip to Japan.

    Having passport photos taken at a is something that very few applicants do. For this reason, not manystudios offer this service. Those that do usually charge more than youwould pay at the locations mentioned earlier. While it is important tosend a good-quality photo with your passport application, professionalphotos are not really necessary.

  • "I personally hate the picture and I am embarrassed to use it," said iReporter Ryan Fleeman, whose passport photo was taken in 2004 and shows a much more boyish face, complete with messy bangs and glasses.

    The other day I went into a Post Office in Houston with a friend and there was an unbelievable line for people waiting to get their passport photos taken. I’m talking at least 40-50 people.

  • Many United States Post Office locations offer passport photos in addition to accepting your passport application and other related paperwork. As of July 2011, the cost for getting your passport photo taken at a USPS location was $15.

PersoFoto - Biometric Passport Pictures DIY.

Great advise! I’m due to update my passport in 2017 which seems like so far away considering I got my last passport photo taken when I was just 16. I look so different now! I will definitely keep these points in mind for my update!