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  • If you find pests before your move in date, contact the original home owner or property manager to request pest control in advance. Calling an company is necessary to get rid of common household pests like cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, bedbugs, and termites before you move in.

    While being a pest control technician is a lucrative career, Cromwell admitted it’s not often top-of-mind for job seekers, which means she and her team have to get imaginative in order to attract talent. She added that she hoped her team’s day of Pokémon hunting positively reflected on the Abell brand and showed potential employees it’s a fun company to work for.

  • We are the specialists in Termite Management Systems, Mackay Pest Control can provide treatments to control a wide range of common pests including:

    MLC Pest Control Services are available through the greater metropolitan area of Sydney and Southern Coastal areas encompassing Wollongong, the Illawarra,across the Southern Highlands to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains.

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  • Cromwell said she’s a fan of the game and instantly noticed similarities between it and pest control. In the game, players catch as many different virtual Pokémon as possible by traveling from location to location in the real world – not unlike how a pest control technician travels from customer to customer catching bugs.

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Insects and rodents are stealthy little critters that will invade your home looking for food, water and shelter the first chance they get. Once inside, these uninvited guests may go visually undetected for quite a while but can quietly wreak havoc, cause costly damages and drive you crazy in the meantime. Though they could be lurking almost anywhere inside or around your property, there are a few places in particular that creepy-crawlies tend to seek out and settle into, making themselves at home. Focusing your pest control efforts in these areas can significantly help to rid your property of their presence and prevent future infestations.