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  • iPhone albums work differently. Your photos are only actually stored in only one album – the All Photos album. Even if you add a photo to another album, there’s actually only one copy of that image file on your iPhone.

    When you add a photo into a folder on the computer, the photo is stored within that folder. If you copy that photo to another folder, it will be stored in two different folders. The two image files are not connected in any way and the computer treats them as if they’re two completely different files. iPhone albums work differently. Your photos are only actually stored in only one album – the

  • Once you’ve added photos to an iPhone photo album, you can change the order of the photos or remove any images that you no longer want in there. Open the album you want to organize, then tap Select at the top right.

    The All Photos/Camera Roll album contains all of your photos. But the Photos app also contain some other albums. These albums are a tool to organize your photos. Any images that appear in other albums are also stored in the main All Photos iPhone photo album.

  • To move a photo to a different position, first tap on the photo and hold it down. Now hold the drag the photo to a different position. Please note, you can’t change the order of the photos in the All Photos album or the other iPhone photo albums that the iPhone creates automatically.

Mosaic Photo Books: Create a printed album from your phone

Once you’ve created some albums, you can rename, re-order, or delete an entire album if you wish. Go to your list of albums (if you’re currently viewing photos within an iPhone photo album, just tap Albums at the top left to go to the albums list). Now tap Edit at the top right.